BlackSmith Shop

Here at Ideal we offer many benefits for our clients including tack rooms, offices, laundry and much more. The following benefits are just a part of the full package clients of Ideal benefit from.

  • Plenty of open grassy areas for walking and grassing your horse

  • Feed Companies deliver

  • Hay Services deliver

  • Wilson's Tack Mobile available twice a week

  • Herbs For Horses Mobile available

  • Located within minutes to Medical Emergency Facilities

  • Milton Equine Hospital and Guelph Equine Hospital – 20Minutes

  • Numerous On-Call Veterinarians available
    Dr. John Hennesey - 519-831-1009
    Dr. Kimber Beimler - 905-570-9203

  • On Site Blacksmith/Adam Carter or others available

  • On Site Horse Experienced Operations Managers/George and Marcia Peters

  • Specialist Blacksmith/Frank O'Toole available

  • Coffee Truck – Monday through Friday

  • Free faxing incoming and outgoing services available

  • Manure removed frequently to reduce fly infestation

  • Standardbred Canada Website and USTA racing available

  • Great cell phone reception

  • Many experienced & long time trainers on site

  • Close to the town of Acton for all your personal needs